[2] The information-food analogy

Our body is a complex structure of biochemical components. This body-structure is subject to permanent remodeling processes: Components are added to the structure, others removed, while (in the healthy individual) all those parameters and functions of the body that are essential for daily life are preserved or even improved (training). Due to that impermanent nature of the body-structure, the organism needs a constant in- and out-flow of bio-material. In analogy, our mind is also a complex structure of components (ideas, information fragments, patterns, mems, concepts, beliefs..) that are constantly remodeled. The mind-structure is changed whenever we learn or forget. As we must behave in an intelligent, adaptive way in everyday life, the mental functions have to be maintained, or better improved. New components for our mind-structure are available by absorbing information from the environment. We break down that information into small reusable items and incorporate them somehow into our mental machinery.


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